Men’s Suede Jackets

Suede is the lowest layer of a tanned animal hide. This hide may be used with the napped, suede side on the outside, like the buckskin used by North American Indians, but this outcome is a heavier garment than normal suede.  When leather is splitted and the upper grain detached, the resulting suede is napped on both sides and is an enough light weighted and more flexible material. Suede can be taken out from any hide but thicker hides are preferable, such as cow hide, gives a much bushy nap and so the preferred hides are sheep, calf and deer.

Your suede jacket has a more proven ability to resist water, but this is not a garment that you should wear in the rain. Suede has luxurious surface because of its very porous material. As a result, it can never be called as waterproof.

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