Our Story

CoreOutfits is a small Muslim business that is passionate about sourcing and supplying virtually all kinds of high quality fashion leather and sheepskin jackets and coats etc. at affordable and competitive prices.

All over the network of suppliers we use, we are proud to add more than 3 years of combined experience to stylists and leather jacket and leather coat makers. Our range offers a huge selection of fashionable designs as well as classic styles in a range of sizes and feet.

We want to deliver premium and high quality leather clothing at affordable prices as we strive to achieve consistent price. Each style size chart is detailed to help you fit best for the first time. We were an online leather jacket and coat retailer in the United States to provide custom size charts for each individual style. Interestingly, since then others have followed our lead!

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We were tired of choosing between fast-fashion or over-priced luxury. On the one hand there were luxury brands, which meant spending more than $ 1000, and on the other hand, there was fast fashion, which meant buying a product that would not last for years to come. Where were the other options?

After much work and research, it turned out that the high cost of leather outerwear is explained. Long supply chain of distributors, wholesalers, retailers with expensive marketing campaigns. This means that only a fraction of the price paid to consumers went into the product.

We can recognize that the problem is solved and consumers like us deserve better, so we launched CoreOutfits.

The challenge we faced was easy, making it easy for people to buy high quality leather jackets at affordable prices.

By reducing unnecessary costs, designing and manufacturing domestically, selling directly to consumers and using temporary production, we would be able to provide all kinds of high quality leather jackets at a fraction of the market price.

We know that wearing a leather jacket is an electrifying feeling and we believe that everyone has a right to that feeling.

– Abdul Wasay, CEO & Co-Founder

Discover Leather for Love of Quality, Love, and Durability in Custom Leather Jackets

We are skin victims. From texture, to weight, the way it feels to you. Everything is better in leather. Always in fashion, classic leather ages well and acquires the same character as you do, as unique as the person you wear it and has a personal style signature.

Our Brand Personality


Craft leather, special details, well-crafted and durable


Fashion, classic and on trending leather designs


Great Variety and Value Every Time


Reliable and authentic skills


Confident, Self-assured, Effortless with a Slight Edge


Friendly, comfortable and relaxed

How it Began

CoreOutfits Difference

The Best Raw Material

It all starts with raw materials and since we put our lives in our jackets, we don’t use anything but the best possible goods. All of our jackets are made from whole grain natural leather, YK zippers, and polyester lining.

Fair Pricing – Direct to You

With a direct view from our customers, our products lux-come at the price at which luxury brands sell them. We keep prices low by spending on intermediaries, storefront costs and inefficient marketing. Additionally, with only temporary production.

Exquisite Workmanship

Our products are handmade, unlike large-scale Chinese production, by one artisan at a time to pay attention to precision and detail. Not choosing China production means higher price but a better quality that you will see in our sewing.

Sizes That Fit All

Enclave is a strong word but we take it very seriously. We really know that there is something in the electric light about wearing a great leather jacket; we make sure there is no shortage of it. All of our jackets are offered in eight standard sizes from XS to 4XL.

Discovery & Expression

Because no two people are alike, we believe in diversity and expression. Our customers can make 100% custom, bespoke jackets from scratch with the help of our design consultants. In this way, promoting diversity and enabling your customers to fully express themselves and stand out from the rest.

Today, it is this devotion to leather that leads us to stability. We’ve loved it since 2017, and in 3 years, we’ve learned more about leather goods than ever before. We are experts. No one else comes close. Because as soon as we make leather, leather makes us.