Men’s Distressed Jackets

This is not a mandatory thing that Distressed jacket can only be worn by bike riders. Distressed jackets is known for its toughness and roughness and its roughness expresses an urban attitude. Besides it can also be worn in cold and best for rugged outdoor activities that may be a good thing in your daily life clothing.

Torn and distressed fabric became a trend in the 1980s, worn as an attractive style as a way to further show coolness and a relaxed attitude

Taking the symbolic piece a step further were the punk-rock vanguards that directed the blue hue from the late ‘60s into the ‘80s. A denim jacket, distressed T-shirt and distressed, studded jeans emerged a visual representation for rock bands anti-establishment anthems.

In the era of ‘90s and early 2000s, hip-hop and pop artists gave the classic statement a current twist, whereas the jean jacket’s underlying philosophy remained the same. This clothing was a hit to the ‘suits’ of the world, it’s casual yet edgy legacy making it the ideal item.

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Wearing our pure leather jacket protects you from injuries while having outdoor activities. It is also long-lasting for winter season.

When buying this kind of men’s distressed leather jackets coats, inspect the total structure. A distressed design is rustic and looks aged. However some stores sell damaged or utilized leather jackets as vintage design and people not knowledgeable about it get captured in their traps. Inspect the complete structure before purchasing.