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Men’s Puffer & Parka Jackets

Initially invented by the Caribou Inuit to keep warm in the Canadian arctic, the parka was originally made from seal or caribou skin and often overlaid with fish oil for waterproofing. The word “parka” was come into being from the Nenets language, interpreting as “animal skin”.

After the wars, modification brought in military surplus parkas, customizing them with patches and badges. The loose fitting meant they could be easily styled over a slick suit, protecting it from dirt on the roadways while riding. The release of Quadrophenia in 1979, celebrated modification style and bonded the parka as a key style. The advent of Britpop in the 90s saw the parka return, mostly worn by Liam Gallagher

Generally, parkas are manufactured with a fur-lined hood, a heavy weighted and longer than puffers that’s the obvious difference between puffer and parka jackets. Puffer and parka are warming, less weighted, waterproof and windproof and both of them are mostly desired for wearing in winter’s seasons. The selection of one jacket from parka and puffer depends upon many different factors such as your outdoor activity time duration and your necessity. A parka is warm hooded jacket. They are perfect for cold weather because made from synthetic fibers. The hood is usually lined with fur or faux fur which protect face skin from frozen temperature. A puffer jacket is light weighted jacket which is packed with down or insulation or synthetic fibres, showing its puffed-up appearance and puffed-up design is their especial feature. This feature makes it unique from other jackets. Puffer jackets are also recognized as quilted jackets.